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Cotton Diya Batti (Pack)


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Pack: 1 Pcs.


Cotton Diya Batti is a single piece of cotton wick used in traditional Indian oil lamps, known as diyas. Diyas are typically made of clay and are filled with oil or ghee (clarified butter). The cotton wick, like the one in this product, is placed in the diya and lit to create a small, flickering flame. These lamps are commonly used in religious and cultural ceremonies, as well as during festivals and celebrations. The cotton wick serves as the source of the flame and is an essential component of the diya. It is used to provide light, and the flickering flame is considered auspicious and symbolic of enlightenment. Cotton wicks like the one in this product are often used in households and temples for various rituals, prayers, and decorative purposes. This product appears to provide a single piece of cotton wick in a pack, making it convenient for use in diyas for various cultural and religious occasions. Handmade Red Cotton Diya Batti (Wicks) Diya Batti for Puja (Wicks) Jot Batti for Puja/Jyot Batti

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